The Commission tab on the process setup connects your desired process to the commission side of RPM allowing some workflow to flow back and forth between the two sections of RPM. 

The main usage of linking your process to the commissions side of RPM is to allow your process to assign desired accounts to your Agencies and Reps to reduce double entry if your order management team is already entering the assignments on the orders. A secondary usage is to setup reconciliation between your process and the commissioning accounts in your RPM.

To learn more about reconciliation please visit these articles. 

Top menu >> Setup >> Select process >> Commissions tab

There are two sections after clicking on commissions. 

1. Commissions has two methods.

Select the Method:

  • Reference: this will allow you to reference one commission item at a time. Typically used in processes such as Commission Inquiry/Request or Trouble Ticket. Visit here for more information.
  • Reconcile: this option will allow you to use more than one item automatically. Typically used in the order process to reconcile with line items. 

2. Rep assignment 

Rep assignment allows each form in the process to assign reps under agencies to accounts once the account starts to commission and receives it's first commission item. In order for RPM to find the proper account to assign the rep to, the desired agency and rep matching field types will need to be chosen for each option.

After enabling the rep assignment the following fields types will need to exist on the process and be selected.

  • Assign to rep: The rep reference field that will determine which rep gets assigned to the account.
  • Account match: The account reference field that will determine which account is being assigned.
  • Supplier match: The supplier in which the account match will be under. This is to ensure that duplicate account numbers under different suppliers can be differentiated from. 

Rep assignment changes will reflect on the account once the account has a commission item under it. This assignment is a one time assignment and will only take the value from the process form once. If the same process form has it's rep field changed, the account assignment will not change to reflect that if the account has already been assigned.