Fixing Scientific Notation Account Numbers

You may come across spreadsheets that will display your Account number or any other columns in scientific format (ie. 8.54E+12). The importer in RPM will interpret these values as text and will result in "8.54E+12" being the Account number. 

To fix this, you will need to reformat the information in Excel so that the importer can bring in the correct information. 

Select the Account column and change the format to Number. This will only change the displayed value and not what the import will take as the value for the Account number. 

Select and Copy the data from the spreadsheet. Open up Notepad on your computer and Paste the values into it.

Go back into Excel and change the format on the column to Text. 

Open Notepad back up and copy the data from Notepad back into Excel. Your data in Excel should display the correct values now. When you import your commissions, the values should also display the correct Account numbers.