This article will assist in tackling and identifying the possible issues that can arise with transfers. 

Transfers in RPM allow for the direct transfer of commission items from one RPM Telco subscription to another. The transfer functionality is always a one way flow from one subscription to another. 

There are two participants in a transfer, the transferrer and the transferee. Or in Telco terms the Technology Services Distributor and the Agent. This article will attempt to identify issues for both parties in their respective sections.

General Transfer Setup

Technology Services Distributor(TSD) - Troubleshooting

Agents Claiming They Cannot See an Expected Commission Run 

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • Agents can only see commissions of closed commission runs.

Double check that the expected run is closed on your subscription and not hidden. Agents can only see closed commission runs that are not hidden.

  • Transfers are tied to Manager logins for the Agent. If the login credentials the agent used to setup the transfers on their subscription gets disabled then the transfers will stop working. Agents can check if this is the case by checking older runs in their transfers page to see if older already transferred commission runs are still there. 

As the TSD double check the corresponding agency that the agent is setup under in your subscription and ensure that the manager login were not disabled recently. There can be situations where multiple manager user's credentials have been used to setup transfers on the agent's subscription. In some circumstances the agent could've requested that the manager user be disabled due to a number of reasons but the agent can also sometimes be unaware of which set of credentials they've used to setup the transfers. 

If possible ensure that any manager login with this warning stays enabled.

Since enabled manager logins are counted as billed usage for your RPM Telco subscription you may not want to keep multiple enabled manager users for an agency if it is unneeded. This will require the agent to re-setup their transfers under the desired enabled credentials of a manager agent user that you want to keep. 

Agents Cannot See All of Their Expected Commissioning Amounts

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • Adjustments assigned to agents do not have a supplier chosen.

Adjustments assigned to agencies require a supplier in order for them to appear as transferable in the agent's RPM Telco subscription. Without a supplier the adjustment will not be brought over which can cause a discrepancy in the totals reported on the agent's TSD login vs the totals brought over into their subscriptions. 

  • Agents have forgotten to finish setting up all transfers.

The agent can sometimes miss or forget that there are outstanding transfers to be setup on their end in order to bring in all of the commission values.

The warnings will appear as such on their transfers page when the agent has outstanding transfers to setup.

  • Agents have multiple manager logins setup and some of them are disabled.

The agent can sometimes setup transfers using more than one login from the same TSD. The transfers will appear under the same TSD without anyway to tell them apart until one of them is disabled. To the agent this will appear in their transfers page as having some suppliers missing without a warning to setup a missing transfer. They will need to check their with their agent login to the TSD subscription in order to confirm if they're missing some transfers.

To fix the agent will need to re-setup all missing transfers with an enabled agent manager login from the TSD. 

Agent - Troubleshooting

TSD's do not have too many steps when setting up a transfer for an agent. All they have to do is provide the agent an enabled manager login for an agency under their RPM Subscription. The transferred commission items will be determined by the assignment in the TSD's subscription.

What this means is that most of the setup is done on the agent's RPM subscription. Please refer to this article to learn more about setting up a new transfer from a TSD not yet setup in your subscription. View here.

Existing/Expected Transfers from TSD are Missing

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • The TSD has yet to close the latest run.

Transfers in RPM are only available to be brought in from the TSD's RPM subscription for closed commission runs. If the TSD is later than normal on closing their runs this can cause the agent not to see expected commission runs. There are a few ways to confirm this, the easiest would be in the agent's RPM subscription on the transfer commission items page switch the comm run back a month to see if the transfers from the previous run are still there and transferred. 

Another option is to use the manager login and log into the TSD's subscription to check the latest closed run. The final option would be to email the TSD directly.

Once the TSD closes the run the agent will be able to bring in the latest closed run's commissions.

  • The TSD has disabled the agent's manager login that was used to setup the transfers.

Since transfers in RPM are setup using the manager logins of a TSD the TSD has the ability to disable the logins at any time. In most cases this can be done accidentally as there are warnings letting the TSD know that the login is tied to a transfer. This can however also be done on purpose due to the manager logins being for users no longer working at the agent's company or other business reasons. 

The fastest way to fix this issue is to have the TSD re-enable the manager login that is causing the issue. 

Not All of the Commissions Expected are Appearing in my Subscription

Possible Causes and Solutions

  • Not all transfers for every supplier from the TSD has been setup.

If there is a large list of transfers it may be possible to miss the warning in orange at the bottom letting users know that some transfers from specific suppliers from a specific TSD has yet to be setup.