The Agency Payment Tracker process is used to track the payments you have made to your partners/agencies. You will be able to quickly track if a payment has been paid in full or if it was a partial payment. 

Top Menu >> Processes >> Agency Payment Tracker

In the Amount Expected to be Paid Oufield, enter the amount you are expecting to pay out for this run.


In the Run Payment Applied field, select the month/year the payment is applied to.

Note: We recommend selecting the first day of the month. This will allow for better tracking and filtering options, 

The Agency breakdown table is where you will enter your Agencies Paid this run, the Date of Payment, Amount Paid, if it was Paid in Full? or not, and any Agency Notes about the payment. 

Below the Agency Breakdown table you will see a breakdown of your total payout from the table and the difference between the expected amount and the total amount in the table.


If the run is paid in full you can select Yes under Run Payment Paid in full? If the full payment has not been made you can select No and enter a Follow-up date

The Payment Notes can be used to record any general notes for this payment. 

Click OK to save your form.