The Billing Variance History process is designed to be a repository of your billing variance reports. Allowing you to keep and review previous reports after the next month's run has been opened. 

It is RPM's best practice to download your monthly variance report after closing the run, and before opening the next. Billing variance does not carry over month to month. Once the next run is open, the report will update to the current run. The previous run report will no longer be available and you would have to create a variance report in Excel. The Billing Variance History process, gives you a centralized location to store the monthly report.  

To start, download your Billing Variance Report for the current run 

Top Menu >> Processes >> Billing variance history

In the Billing variance history form, enter the run for the report. It is our best practice to use either the first or last day of the month. For example, your July run, would be entered as July 1st, 2023. Click OK to save the date.

The next window will ask for you to upload the Billing variance report, click +Add a file. If you have not downloaded the report yet, click discard to go back.

Click Browse at the top to locate the file on your PC. 


Select the folder you wish to upload to; in this example we want to upload to the Billing variance report folder. 

Add a note to the file (Optional). 

The Security field will allow you to change who has access to the uploaded file. 

Staff only: only staff members who have access to the form can see the file. 

Not Hidden: allows any user with access to the form access to the file. 

Click Upload.  

With the file now uploaded, click Next to finish the form. 

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