If you need to mass update a field on your commission items, you can use the Copy from a basic field to retroactively update Items that have already been uploaded in the current run. You can update the field through an Account import and it will copy the data to the commission items. This can be useful for tagging items with their Order Number/Order ID, BTN, or for tags that you use internally. 

Note: Copy from a basic field will not replace existing field values, it will only fill in empty fields. 

Start by creating your Account Basic field. Top Menu >> Setup >> Basic Fields. Select Accounts from the drop down menu. 

Add a new text field. Click Finish.

Top Menu >> Commissions >> Commissions variables >> Add an item variable

Set Copy from a basic field to Enabled. Select the basic field that was created earlier.

Setup your Account import spreadsheet and import the spreadsheet into RPM. Please see our article on Account imports for more information. 

When you run your Calculate, the data from the basic field will be copied over to your commission items.