The add an item feature is typically used when the commission data is presented in PDF or Word format and instead of creating a template to import, the user can add the item manually. 

Top Menu >> Latest run >> Add an item manually 

NOTE: In order for any item to be added manually you need a: Supplier, Product, Commission Group, and Account setup.

Click Add an item manually.

Select a Supplier

NOTE: When the Supplier is missing, that indicates there are certain requirements missing in order to add an item manually. The most common reasons are the Supplier has either no Accounts or Products present. 

  • Account: select the Account.
  • Assignment code: this is a optional value. If you do not have an Assignment Code you can add one for the Rep. How to manually add a assignment code (optional)
  • Product: select the Product.
  • Net billed: add the Net billed if provided (optional).
  • Gross commission: add the Gross commission if provided (optional).
  • Wholesale: add the Wholesale if provided (optional).
  • Contract value: add the Contract value if provided (optional).

The Sales Commission allows you to set the item to calculate normally as per the assigned pay plan. If preferred, a custom amount can be set for the item.   

In the Variables section is where you will put in any of the normal tracking data you receive for the item. This includes Billing Month and Quantity.  These items are controlled by the Commission variables. If any fields are missing and you would like to see them, they can be added in the Commission variables section.  

Note: Quantity must be set to at least one for the item to be created. 

  • Notes for agents: Will appear on the spreadsheets and reports an agent user can generate 
  • Nots for staff: Are only visible to staff users. 

Click Ok once filled out to create the item

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