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Beyond the provided options in the upload matrix, RPM allows you to bring in any other variables (data) from your commission spreadsheet (eg: install date, invoice date, term, address etc.). By bringing the data into your RPM subscription you can report on it and also choose to show this data to your agents. 

For more on this please read the article: What are Item variables and what can you use them for?

Click Add an item variable.

  1.  Variable: Name of variable can be entered here.
  2.  Type: If you are not sure which one applies to your variable you can choose either 'Code' or 'Text'. 
  3.  SecurityFor Staff only to see or Not hidden for agents. When you choose Not hidden, the variable will show as a header on the commission statement excel download.
  4.  Note: Any notes pertaining to the variable.
  5.  Copy from a basic field: If you have a basic field setup you can copy the value from the basic field into the commission items. You can pull data from the rep, customer, agency, supplier, and account.  
  6.  Copy to a basic field: If you have basic fields setup you can choose on commission import to copy the value to a customer, location, account custom field (Copy to a custom field).
  7. Default Value: Set a default value on every commission item. Item variables with default value enabled will add itself to every commission item regardless if the default variable is mapped on the matrix/transfer for the supplier.
  8. Enforce allowed values: Enter a list of values that it is allowed to have. If someone tries to import a commission item or add or edit a commission item with a different value it will display an error.

You are almost done, last step is to Edit the upload matrix and you will see your newly created item variable in matrix, you can now map a column to the variable.

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