Importing Reps will allow you mass add or mass update Reps through a spreadsheet sheet import. This can be a useful tool for disabling user logins in mass. If this is your first time adding Reps through an import, you will need to create all of your Agencies first. 

Top menu >> Reps. 

Under the ...More menu, click Import.

There will be a blank import template for you to copy your data into. Click the link to download the file.

Each rep will need a Type, An Agency, Enabled (Sign in permission), First Name, and Last name. You will need to have already created the Rep's agency before doing a Rep import and the agency names will need to match exactly. The other fields are not required, but you can fill them in if you would like to add additional rep information. 

Note: Do not move any of the column headers or the import will error out. 

How to import the excel template


When you have finished adding the Rep information to the Excel Rep import template and saved the file on your computer, you are ready to import. Using the same Import button on the main Rep page, click Choose File this time and browse to the Rep import file on your computer, select the file and click Open, to finish click Upload . 

You can preview the data to see how many are New, Updates, or Errors. Clicking the box will list out the details of each row being imported.

The table will list out the row that the Import errored out on as well as an error message. Click Done at the bottom of this window to bring you back to the previous window.


There are two options for handling Existing Data.

Leave intact: will only fill in blank fields and leave existing data the way it was even if it is different on the spreadsheet.

Overwrite: will replace all existing data with new data if it appears on your spreadsheet.

Note: Blank fields on the spreadsheet will not overwrite existing data and will be ignored by the importer.

From here you can click:

Importif you want to continue importing the data.

Discardif you need to correct any errors on your import template and you would like to re-import the data. 

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