The Import agencies feature allows you to quickly create a large number of agencies by importing a template spreadsheet  into RPM. Once the import is completed, you can then import your reps.

Top menu >> Agencies >> More >> Import button

To stat the import, from the Top menu select Agencies. Once in the agencies screen, select the More menu. A drop down will appear, click Import.  

When the Import page opens, there will be the option to Choose File, This is where you will import the excel with the list of agencies. Below that will the agency import excel template, this is a file RPM has created to assist is capturing the needed fields for the import. Click on Import Agencies in the blue box to download the excel template.    

When you have finished adding the agency information to the excel agency import template and saved the file on your computer you are ready to import. Using the same Import button on the main agency page, click Choose File this time and browse to the agency import file on your computer. 

Select the file and click open or double click. 

To finish click Upload. 

Once you have clicked Upload, RPM will scan the excel for any errors. Once the scan is completed RPM will give you a summary. Letting you know the following 

  1. How many new agencies
  2. How many agencies already exist in your RPM (RPM will allow you to update their information)
  3. If there are any duplicate agencies on the spreadsheet. Please see the Warning section for more details. You can click the Duplicate error to get a break down of the errors.    

If you have any agencies being updated, you will have the option of Existing data. This will ask what you want to do with the existing data in your RPM. If you select Leave intact, the data on the spreadsheet for that agency will be disregarded. Selecting Overwrite will replace the existing agency data with that on the import. Once you have selected what to do with the data, click Import 

RPM will now give you a summary of what was done, Any agencies that where still in an error state will not be created. Once reviewed click Done.

With the agencies now created, you can do a similar import for your reps for the agencies.  



It can happen that after the start of the agency import you get a warning. A common error is to add all your contacts for the same agency to the agency template which will generate a Duplicate warning. With the agency import only the primary contact should be in the agency template, all other contacts (reps) can be added with the Rep import

When you click on Duplicate it will open up a window showing you which excel row in your spreadsheet has the issue, the result of the issue and a message which explains the warning.  

Basic Fields Importing & Updating 

You are able to use the basic fields to track additional details about an agency. The details in these fields can be entered or updated through the agency import.

Once you have the basic field created, Download the Agency import spreadsheet. On the Excel spreadsheet, fill in the agency name you want to update. leave the other fields blank, add on the name of the  basic field onto the end with the information you want to update. It should look like the example below. 

When updating existing agencies, you should see the amount of agencies being updated, and how many updates are going to be made. If these numbers do not line up with your spreadsheet, please double check the spreadsheet for any breaks. It is recommended to use Overwrite, this will replace the old values in the field you are updating.  

Once the import has been completed you will receive the confirmation of the updates. click Done to exit the import screen 


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