Every agency must be able to be paid a unique rate on every different product; however a schedule management system that simply represented this level of granularity would be very hard to manage. Thankfully we are able to take advantage of grouping methods to ease management and use exceptions to handle unique situations. 

There are agencies that get paid the same as other agencies on some or all products. RPM uses agency pay plans with commission rates and every agency commission schedule is based on a pay plan. For the occasional agency that has a different rate their schedule can be modified from the agency schedule without having to create a whole new pay plan for them. 

Top menu button >> Agencies >> View agency >> Schedules tab

View the agency 

Click on Schedule

To modify the rate for a commission group or all commission groups for a supplier.

All commission groups : click Modify all

Specific commission groups: click Modify

Modify All

Enter the rate. Click Finish when done.


Enter the Sales Rate and then Click OK.