An account transfer may be needed when you need to move an assigned account from one agent to another. 

You can transfer an account from one rep to the other with this feature.

When you find that the account reverts back to the original Rep after you hit Calculate you are likely bringing in a different value for Assignment Code than the account. You will have to reassign the Assignment Code rather then transferring the account. 

There may be more than one page of accounts, select the drop down at the bottom of the page for page select. The order you see the accounts can be changed by clicking the headers at the top of the columns. 

Top menu >> Accounts >> Select account number

Click More and select Transfer to rep in the drop down menu

Select the agency you are transferring to.

Select the rep who will be assigned.

Select the accounts to be transferred,  

Click Finish when done.

To view the changes make sure to go to Latest run and do a calculate.

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