You noticed that the payout does not look right for an agent and you want to find out why. 

Anytime you want to know exactly why an item is paying the way it is you want to look at the item page. The item page will show you all relevant information in regards to the item. 


We suggest starting your investigation either from the Account, Agency or Customer page. From any of these pages you have the ability to view items from the Commissions box. 

From the items page, click view to see the details for that specific item.

Information on the item page will help you identify what the issue may be. 

1. Info 

On the left side of he page you can find details such as: agency, rep, account number, customer name, supplier, product. This might help you identify if the correct person is paid for the account. 

2. Calculation

Will show you how an item is calculated and if there are any other parties paid on the item with a referral or if  the account is part of an account group

You can Adjust value and change the numbers for the item

  • If you notice that the calculation is using an account group, click on the link and investigate if the commission rule of the account group is causing the item to pay a certain way. 
  • If you notice that a referral is part of the calculation, click on View (#3) and investigate if this account needs to be paid a referral on or not. 

3. Referral: shows referrals if there are any.

4. Split: shows split participants if there are any. 

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