Top menu >> Import data >> Trash some items

You can use this if you find out you imported the incorrect commission data or if you import the same data twice. If you imported the same data twice you can also choose to trash the items for one of the 2 imports. 

Click More...

Click on Trash some items.

Select a supplier you want to trash the commission data for by clicking on the supplier name. 

If you want to trash all data for all suppliers choose All at the bottom. 

  • Also purge unassigned Rep IDs: will remove any new Rep IDs that were imported.
  • Also purge unmatched products: will remove any new products that were imported.
  • Also purge adjustments: will remove any adjustments that were added for the supplier(s) you are trashing commission data for

Final warning screen. 

Click Finish when done. 

Until you Calculate there will still be items and numbers showing for the supplier. 

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