The Trash some items functionality in the Import data section of RPM, is used if you want to clear incorrectly imported commissions, or if you imported the same data twice into the same supplier.  Alternatively if you wish to delete a specific import you can use the Trash these items to delete a specific import. 

Top menu >> Import data >> Trash some items

Click More... and select Trash some items 

Select the Supplier you want to trash the commission data for, by clicking on the Supplier name. 

If you want to trash the imported data for all Suppliers choose All at the bottom. 

  • Also delete unassigned assignment codes: will remove any new unassigned assignment codes that were imported.
  • Also delete unused products: will remove any new unassigned products that were imported.
  • Also delete adjustments: will remove any adjustments that were made for the Supplier(s) you are trashing.

Note: If the check box is greyed out there are no new items in that category.

In the final warning screen. you will receive a summary of what is to be deleted. As well as a warning that the deletion can not be restored.  

Click Finish when done. 

Once you have deleted the items, remember to run a Calculate to refresh your numbers.

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