The Agency assignment allows you to select which staff user will become the owner of forms created by an agency in your processes. This is most commonly used when you have a staff user managing an agency or group of agencies.    


Top menu >> Agencies >> More >> Assignment

To set an agency assignment we first need to create the group. In the agency menu, click on the More button at the top. In the More menu select Assignment

Click +Add a category

Enter the name of the category. Our suggestion is to name the group after what you would like it to manage. Click OK once the name is set.  

Now return to the agency. You have the option to Assign staff users

Select the staff user in the drop down. If you are setup to have different users manage different processes for any agency. You will have multiple drop downs to choose from.  Selecting the None option will have RPM default the process ownership to the default for the process. Click Ok when done. 

Now we need to setup your process to make use of these assignments. In the Top menu, lets go to setup next. 

Top Menu >> Setup >> Order

Lets go into the process we want to update. In this case it will be Order. 

In the Order process, lets go to the Workflow tab at the top.

Once in Workflow scroll down to Form owner and click Edit


In the Stared by agency user, you will have two options. The first will allow us to select the assignment group we created. If an agency has a staff user assigned this is who it will make the owner. For the second selection, this is who will be selected as the form owner if the agency does not have a staff user assigned. In this case lets select the Order assignment group in the first box 

Click OK at the bottom to save the changes. You are now setup with staff users assignments for agency created processes. 

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