To verify which users are enabled in your subscription you can check a shared view or create a view . 


1. Any user that was enabled during a billing period will show up on your invoice.

2. Our billing period runs from the 28th of each month to the next. 

3. It can be that your enabled user view shows less or more users compared to your invoice, this can happen as a user can be disabled during the billing period. Check your user enabled history

To check if you have the shared view available follow the steps below. 

*If you do not have the view available,  please scroll down and instructions will show you how to create the view. 

Enabled Staff Users

Top menu >> Users 

Click next to All and select the shared view named Enabled Staff Users

Enabled Manager and/or Rep Users

Top menu >> Reps


Click next to All and select the shared view named Enabled Managers and/or Reps

Creating a custom view that shows just the enabled users

The process to create a custom view that will show just the enabled staff or rep users is the exact same. 

When you are either on the Staff users or Reps tab click Edit view.

Enter the name of the view.

Click + Add a filter.

Click Logon.

Select Enabled

Click Finish when done. 

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