To verify which users are enabled in your subscription you can check a shared view or create a custom view. 


  • Any user that was enabled during a billing period will show up on your invoice.
  • Our billing period runs from the 28th of each month to the next. 
  • It can be that your enabled user view shows less or more users compared to your invoice, this can happen as a user can be disabled during the billing period. Check your user enabled history

Enabled Staff Users

Top menu >> Users 

Click All  and select the shared view named Enabled Staff Users

Enabled Manager and/or Rep Users

Top menu >> Reps


Click All and select the shared view named Enabled Managers and/or Reps. 

Creating a Custom View For Enabled Users

The process to create a custom view that will show just the enabled staff or rep users is the exact same. 

Click Add a view.

Enter a name for the view. Click OK.

Click Add a filter.

A side panel will open up. You can either Search for "Sign in" in the search bar or click into Info >> Sign in.

Set the value to Enabled and then click Add filter.

Click OK when you are done.

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