Adding on users as participants grants them access to the form. Permissions are determined by the process security settings. The most common reasons to add a user as a participant is to grant the user permission to view or edit the form. A user will need to be added as a participant in order for them to take ownership of the form or for an action to be created for them. 

To add a user to a form, you must first be a participant of the form. If you are not a participant of a form you will see the Add myself button. Clicking this will add yourself as a participant to the form.

Add Participants Individually

If your user has the edit participants permission, you will be able to add other users as participants on the form. To verify if you have edit permission go to the Participants section of the form, you should see an Edit button. 

To assist you in adding participants to forms, type the users name into the search bar. As you type, the users that match the search criteria will automatically filter. By default, you will see a list of all users. Using the drop down menu will allow you to further filter your users.

Add Participants by Group or Role

Users can also be added to forms by their Staff group or Staff role. Click on the drop down menu and select a Staff group or Staff role and the list of users will be displayed along with the option to add all users as participants.

Clicking the Add # as participants will add everyone in that role to the form.

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