Use the By parent field option in the setup of a process reference field to limit the forms or options shown to users and to increase ease of data entry and integrity.

For example, you can setup a product categories process for your products to limit the number of options that are displayed on your product list. The available options are determined by the category that is selected on the respective product forms. 

Since the "Local/Long Distance" Product form belongs to the "Local/Long Distance" Category, only the one option will be displayed in the list.


To setup your fields, first add your "Parent" reference field to your Process. Please see our knowledge base article on Reference fields for more information HERE. 

Name the field and then select the Process from the drop down list. Then click Finish.

Next, add your "child" reference field. Select the Product from the Process drop down. In the forms field options, select By parent field. In the drop down list, select your Parent field. Then click Finish.

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