In order to add a shared field you need to have a reference field to the source from which you are going to share the data. For instance a customer, agency, process or supplier reference field. 

Shared field allows data entered in one part of RPM or process to be shared with another. You would want to use a shared field when data in one page or process will be edited and you want the updated data to be reflected in the process. Another case would be if you wanted data from another page or process to automatically be filled in once a reference field value was selected.

  • Select the parent, this will be the source of where the data is shared from. 
  • After you can select the field from the source (page).

Field: Enter the name of the field or use the Auto name feature. 

Width: this determines if the field spans over 1 or 2 columns. 

The Group allows you to choose what field group the reference field will be controlled by. If you only want the reference field to show up with a certain field group, choose it from the drop down list. (For more information on Field Groups, see: Field Groups)

Lastly, you can choose the reference field’s Staff, Agency, and Customer users permission from the corresponding drop down menus. (For more information on the different user permissions relating to fields, see Fields – Edit a field).