A Text field is used when the data entered into a field will contain descriptions or people, places, or events that are unknowable in advance. 

  • Field: Change a field’s name.  
  • Group: Select a field group. (Click here for setup). 
  • Type: text box, area, a link, or email. There are fourchoices for Text fields: Text box, Text area, link, and email. The difference between the two text options is the format size of the text box. Use Text box for text fields that will not require much explanation and Text area when longer descriptions are needed. The Link option will allow you to add a link that users can click and open up a webpage while the email creates a link that will automatically launch the user's email client. 
  • Enforce a pattern: eg: NPS-NXX phone number or Zip code. (Click here for setup).
  • Character limit: Limit the number of characters available for entered text. You would want to limit the characters to force users to only enter information that is essential. Simply enter a number in the corresponding Character Limit box to limit the characters for a text field. 
  • Security: Choose the permissions for Staff, Agent, and Customer users. 

The Group allows you to choose what field group the reference field will be controlled by. If you only want the reference field to show up with a certain field group, choose it from the drop down list. (For more information on Field Groups, see: Field Groups)

Lastly, you can choose the reference field’s Staff, Agency, and Customer users permission from the corresponding drop down menus. (For more information on the different user permissions relating to fields, see Fields – Edit a field).