An At Risk process can be used to identify customers that are "at risk" of being lost and to document measures taken to mitigate potential MRR loss. This can be used to track who and when a staff member last contacted the customer as well as their notes for how the conversation went. Creating an At Risk Process will allow for the form to be referenced in on the Customer page to allow for easy access. The Process can also be customized further to notify other staff members and to create action reminders for your team to follow up with the Customer.

Once the appropriate measures have been taken, the Status can be changed and the resolution can be documented.

Who would be considered as an At Risk Customer?

  • Customer has mentioned  that they are looking in to other service providers.
  • Customer has asked about when their term is ending.
  • Customer has requested a copy of their contract.
  • Customer is inquiring about cancelation fees.
  • Customer has expressed their dissatisfaction with the service that they are receiving.

Dashboards and Widgets

You can create Widgets to quickly view and display At Risk Customers directly from your Dashboard. It can also be used as a way to keep track of which forms need your attention. Widgets can also make use of Views to filter out specific forms. Please see our Dashboard Setup for more information. 

Subscribers that do not already have the At Risk Process in your RPM can use the file attached below and upload it directly into your RPM. Please see our Setup - Process Import article on how to import Processes.