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A dashboard provides at-a-glance views for important data through the use of widgets.

Without the proper privileges, you won’t see any widgets on the dashboard even when they are showing on the dashboard setup page. 

From the Setup page click Dashboards.


How to setup a widget

On the Dashboard setup page select the dashboard you would like to setup from the drop down menu on the top left or click + Add a dashboard for a role or Staff group that you would like to create a custom dashboard for. 

From the dashboard click Add a widget.

All the existing widgets show in the next window allowing you to add existing widgets to different dashboards easily. 

If this is a new widget click + New widget.

In this example we will create a Process view link.

1. Widget name: the widget will be added to your widget library allowing you to add the widget to other dashboards. 

2. Display text: this is the text that will show for the users on the widget.

3. Style: the widget can be displayed either as a link or button (screenshot further down).

4. Process: select the process the widget is for. 

5. View: you have the option to select the view you want the widget to direct to. 


Below shows both the Link and Button style of the view widget. 

Widgets - Click on the Name of the Widget to View the Setup


The portal widget displays quick links to processes, customers, agencies, users, commissions (latest run, suppliers) and setup options.


The announcement widget displays any announcements set by users with the correct privileges.

For a User 

Attention List

The attention list widget displays the number of approvals required from the user, the number of forms that have actions due for the user, and the amount of forms per process that require attention.

Approval List

The Approval List Widget displays the amount of forms that require your approval. 

Unread List

The unread list widget displays the number of forms the user is a participant in that are flagged as unread.


The actions widgets displays up to ten unfinished actions for the user. These actions will be displayed from the top down; oldest to newest. The actions can be edited from this widget.

Participant List

The participant list widget displays all the forms that the user is a participant in.

Owner List

The owner list widget displays all the forms in which the user is the owner of.


The commitments widget displays a list of all the user’s commitments. See the Commitments page for more details.


Commission Run

The commission run widget displays the date of the most recently closed commission run, the number of days since the last commission run, and the net billed amount of the last commission run.

Commissions Value

The commissions value widget displays the total value/amount of suppliers/accounts or the current commission run compared to the previous run.

Commission Links

The commission links widget displays links to the gross commission, billing variance, and missing account reports.


Multiple Process Sum

The Multiple Process Sum widget lets you choose two process sum widgets you have created and display the data together.


Process Links 

Processes Group

The processes group widget displays a link to a selected process group, and the link to each form inside the group.

Process Start Link

The process start link widget displays a button that will start a form. The user names the button, and selects which process it will link to. The button will have the same color as the process it’s linking to.

Process View Link

The process view link widget displays a button that links to the selected process view.

Action View Link

The action view link widget displays a button that links back to a selected process action view.

Process Field Search

The process field search widget displays a search field where the user can search within the selected process or specific fields from within the process.

Process Reports 

Process Breakdown

The process breakdown widget displays the breakdown including status, list fields, reference fields, and yes/no fields within a process action view. It can be displayed as a list, pie chart, or bar chart. The user sets a limit to the number of field options to be displayed, which are then sorted from highest to lowest, keeping the fields with the highest count. Leaving this number at 0 will give no limit to field options that are displayed. Any fields outside of the allotted limit will be grouped together in an ‘Other’ category.

Process Sum

The process sum widget displays the sum/average of selected numeric fields (list, decimal, quantity (fixed), quantity, money) within a selected process action view.

Process Days

The process days widget displays the number of days since/until an event happened/happens.

Process Count

The process count widget displays the amount of forms within a process view. It can also use that number with a selected operator to calculate the number with another process count.

Process Growth

The process growth widget displays a comparison between two views in a single process.

Process Commitments

The process commitments widget displays all commitments for the user for the current date, as well as all future commitments. When there are no commitments, there will be a “No commitments” message.

Yes/No List Fields

The yes/no list fields widget displays the number of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ fields from a yes/no list field within a process.

Yes/No List Breakdown

The yes/no list breakdown widget displays a summary for a yes/no list field within a process.

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