The Employee shout out is a process for when you want to recognize the contribution of an employee.  

When a shout out is created a notification can be sent to the employee via email, or to all employees through the Action trigger setup. An available option is that you can push the shout out, to your Microsoft Teams client. This is done through an API integration.

Top Menu >> Processes >> Employee Shout Out!!

In the Staff Reference, is where you would select the employee you wish to give the shout out to. 

In the Employee Reference field, is where you would select their employee profile in RPM to allow for easy tracking of shout outs an employee has received. 

The Shout Out Type sets the category that best reflects the shout out you are giving. These can be customer


The Description allows you to give an in-depth description of what the employee did and reason for recognition. 

Once the description is filled in, you are able to have it sent out right away by checking the Click to Send to Everyone! box.

If you want to save your work, but not send out the notification yet. Leave the check box empty and click OK. This will create the shout out, but set its status to In Progress, allowing for you to review and edit the form. If you need to make changes or approve the shout out to be send out, click Edit on the top left. 

If the form is correct and ready for send out, change the status from New to In Progress. A check box will appear at the bottom for you to approve sending it out to the respective employees. 

Click Ok and the notification will be sent out. The status will be updated from In Progress to Sent to Everyone for Review. 

To learn more on how to setup action triggers and API integration please see the further reading section. 

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