The Internal Task Board is a process that allows for enabled RPM users to setup a task for themselves or others that need to be completed. This is good for keeping track of projects on the go, and actions that are needed to complete the project.  

When a task is created a notification can be sent to the rep, letting them know there is a task ready for them to work on. The rep is then able to add in notes as they work on the task, as well as mark it as completed when the task is finished.

Top Menu >> Processes >> Internal Task Board 

For the Business Unit, you would want to select the depart it will be for. This is used for reporting functionality, to get a recap of tasks assigned to the department. If the department is not currently listed, click the +Add button to create the department. 


For the Task this will be the name of the Task itself. While the Task Description would be the description of the task and any related details.

If this task is related to another you are able to select Yes, then select the related task from the drop down menu. This will create a link between the two tasks. If it is not related to another task, click No


In the Stakeholders section, you would select the person or persons who are tracking the outcome of the task.

In this next section is the important dates to track. Date Requested is the date the task was filled out, Desired Completion Date is the date requested for the task to be completed. Estimated Time Scope, is the priority you want the task to be given. Estimated Time is the is the time that is estimated to be needed to complete this task. 

 In the Assignment drop down you would select the primary person you want working on the task. Assists are people who would be able to work on the task as well if it is a collaboration effort.  

The Progress section will be filled out as the task proceeds with changes made, or contact is made and meeting notes are kept. 


The last field is the Completed Date, this is to track the actual end date of the task. 

Once a task is created you are able to set that status. Status can be customized to fit your business needs. 

Draft - This can be used when you are first creating the task, allows you to save your work to come back to later. 

To Discuss - This is  used when you would like to review the task before a notification is sent. 

Assigned - The task is assigned to a rep, and a notification has been sent to them.

In Progress - The rep has acknowledged the task and started working on it. 

On Hold - Is used if there is a delay in the task for multiple reasons. The main use is when a different task comes up and needs to be the priority   

Completed - The task has been completed. 

Cancelled - It has been decided that the task is no longer needed. 

Note: When importing the attached processes, import the Business Units process first. This is to ensure full compatibility with the Internal Task Board 

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