The Agency Onboarding process is a convenient way to track and ensure new agencies receive a consistent experience when starting with your company. Documenting steps taken and key dates for events involved in the onboarding process. 

In the Agency Onboarding process you are able to keep track of when you sent your welcome letter, if you are paying out a signing bonus, the amount of the bonus, and important Supplier information for the Agent. 

Top Menu >> Processes >> Agency Onboarding

If you are creating the form from the agency process, the Agency Reference will already be populated with the agency name. However if the agency is new in your system, you can add them by clicking +Add and filling in the form. This will create an agency form under the Agencies process. 

Once created they will be available in the drop down list. 

If an agency is referred to your company by a staff member, you are able to track who referred them in the Agency Commission Reference. In this drop down menu you are able to select the active staff member.  

In the Started field you are able to select when you first started the onboarding process and later when the onboarding process was Completed.

In the Agency Contact(s) Involved in Onboarding, these would be the primary contacts you work with at the agency.

The Our Team section is where you will enter the information of Staff from your team that will be working directly with the agency on a regular basis. 

The Welcome Letter Sent will keep track of the day that the letter was sent.

The Welcome Spiff Being Offered? would be if for you offer a SPIFF or signing bonus for new agencies. You are able to set the SPIFF plan which would include the details of what it includes. If no bonus was agreed to, you can mark it as No. 

If the agency you are working with has a preferred supplier, or a supplier that they work with on a regular basis. You are able to track that through the Top Suppliers sections as well as an introduction letter if you wish to reach out to the supplier. 

If you have a supplier you think would be a good match for the agency, you can enter it into the Supplier Recommendation and the reason you think they would be a good supplier for the agency to work with. 

Once you have filled out the form, click Ok at the bottom.

When your onboarding process is completed and you want to mark the form as completed click Edit in the top left 

In the edit function, you can now mark the date that the onboarding was Completed on and this will also change the Status to Complete.

Click Ok at the bottom to save the change. 

Dashboards and Widgets

You can create widgets to quickly view and display the number of agencies currently being onboarded, and how many have been completed.   

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