There's a lot of moving parts when it comes to multi supplier imports which means a lot of different things can go wrong. One of the worse things would be if the provider changed the spelling of the column headers, as you would have to update each supplier and respective matrix. If this is your first time hearing about multi-supplier imports you can read more about it here.

A multi-supplier spreadsheet usually comes from a Master Agent that works with multiple Suppliers. This means that you'll want to keep every supplier matrix from the same Master Agent consistent throughout. 

This section will cover the most common errors we've seen while import commissions.

If there are any urgent errors preventing you from importing your spreadsheet or any errors that aren't listed here please contact us at and we'll reply promptly. Please include your Spreadsheet(s) and Supplier name(s) that are having issues in the email.

Supplier or alias specified for column 'x' does not exist

This error can state that there's a supplier in the spreadsheet that can't be matched to an existing supplier in RPM. This can be the case if say a new Supplier is coming in under this spreadsheet, or if the spelling has changed due to a merge of companies or any other reasons. 

To fix this error you have to find a match for the Supplier name. Check the row that the error is prompting and see if that Supplier name exist in your RPM as a Supplier yet, if it does not, you will need to create it and map the matrix to it. If you've done all of those steps and you're still getting an error it might be due to your Supplier name in the spreadsheet not matching the Supplier name you've created in RPM or the alias. You can copy the Supplier name directly from the spreadsheet and enter it in as the Supplier name in RPM or as an alias.

Please check this link to see how to setup Aliases

Columns are missing or incorrect: The Import Matrix for supplier 'x' does not indicate a matching column for the required field: 'y'

This error arises when the Matrix for the Supplier listed doesn't have all the required fields for a import. If you run into this error, it's most likely that the matrix hasn't been setup yet or is setup incorrectly. 

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