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With the table field, create table columns with customized field types that match the data you want to collect and table rows with either defined rows or User adds rows per form. 

How to Enter Data into Table Field

It's simple. Click in the table cell and enter text, click check boxes, or choose from drop down lists. 

One note of caution is the scroll bar located at the bottom of the table field. The table field may contain more columns to the right. If you are using a keyboard an easy way to navigate through a table field is by using the tab button. 





Add a Table Field

To add a table field, click and drag it into place on the setup Fields template. 

Name the table field, determine width, choose a field group (if necessary), and decide the type, Defined rows or User adds rows per form. Click Finish. 

Defined Row Type

Choose defined rows when there is a set list of criteria to include in a table. 

To add custom names to a defined row, click + Add defined row and type the name into the text box. Continue to enter defined rows as necessary. 


If you need to edit or trash a defined row, hover over the row name, the Edit and Trash buttons will appear. Click the respective option. 

User adds rows per form

Choose User adds rows per form when the data entered into a table will be variable.

For example, consider a simple table consisting of only one staff reference field named, "Meeting Attendance." Because a meeting could potentially include anywhere from 2 or 20+ staff members, using + Add row to capture this variable data is ideal. 

There is no setup required for the User adds rows per form type table field. Row names are automatically populated with increasing numbers as users add rows to the table. 

Add Fields (columns) to Table Field

In the table field, adding fields creates a table's columns. 

To add fields, simply click and drag the chosen field into place. 

You can move fields (a table's columns) around by clicking and dragging a field to either side of other field in the table. Drop areas will be indicated by the highlighted areas.

When you are finished adding fields and/or editing their order, click the Up button. You will be directed back to the main Fields setup page. 

Editing a Table Field

To edit fields and rows of an existing table field click Fields. 

To edit the custom name or attach to a field group, click Edit.