The Event Budget Process will allow you to keep track of your team's Marketing spending as well as request budget approval from the rest of the team. This will allow you and your team to allocate the correct resources to facilitate a successful event. You can keep track of large planned events or smaller internal events. Either of which can be track as a from in this process to help you evacuate your companies Marketing spending. 

Basic information can be tracked for the event such as names, venue, dates and any other additional information.

The Event Costs table is where you will start building your budget. The Cost Reference field will allow you to select categories for each item in your list and the categories would allow you to generate a report to see how often the Cost Type is referenced. Fill in the description, quantity, and unit cost to generate a total at the bottom.

Additional Sponsorship information can also be tracked in the table at the bottom of the form if you have additional support for this event.


There will be some additional setup required to use the Approvals feature for this Process. The Approver will be set to RPM Support by default. You will want to set this to a Staff Member so that they will receive a notification when a form requires their approval. 

From the Top Menu >> Setup >> select the Event Budget Process >> select the Workflow tab >> Click Edit to make changes to the approval stage.

Change the Staff user and then click OK at the bottom.

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