The Marketing Intake Form allows users to make requests for things like new business cards, social media campaigns, updating web content, and so on. This Process will allow you to document the type of request or the reason behind the request. 

You can select from the default list of Request Types or add addition types to the list. Request Type will bring in a list from the Marketing Request Types Process. This will allow you to keep track of how many of each request type your team has made to generate Reports or to simply keep track of how many times you have received a request. You also have the option to track if this is a New or Update request as well as provide a brief description of the request. 

Additional information can also be documented regarding the purpose of the request. Your team can review the information to help make a decision on whether or not to approve the request.

Other users can be added as a Stakeholder if they are also going to be involved with the implementation. The Desired Delivery Date can also be tracked. 

Selecting the box to Submit Request to Marketing will change the status on the from to "Pending Marketing Review". You will need to setup Actions and Actions Triggers to automatically notify your staff when a form reaches a certain status level. 

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