The Effort Tracking Process will allow you to keep track of marketing efforts such as Pay Per Click advertisements, Internal Email campaigns, and Trade Shows to summarize the cost and effectiveness of each one. This tables will allow you to keep track of the individual costs to implement and help you determine which marketing efforts are worth your time to focus on. 

The Type of Marketing Effort field pulls from a list of types from a supporting Process. This will allow you to run reports for individual types and make use of Widgets to display how many times each type was referenced. This list can always be added to. 

You can provide a Title and a detailed description of the plan for this marketing effort. 

The Description of Cost to Implement field will allow you to provide detailed information about the cost associated with the marketing effort. The description can contain the cost of the service, cost of the event, etc. They can then be entered in the Cost table to provide a total.

The Time table allows for you and your team to track time and keep track of the labor cost involved. Total cost will be summed up for you at the bottom combining the cost of the initiative. Labor Cost/Hour will allow you to enter in a value for your team's time to determine a more accurate cost for the amount of time invested in the project. The implementation cost as well as the Labor cost will be summarized in the Total field at the bottom of the form. 

The Divisor for Marketing Effort field has some flexibility in how it is used. It can be used to track number of new leads, new signed contracts, or simply the number of emails that were sent out. The Cost/Lead will just divide the total cost by the number that is entered in to determine the individual cost.

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