The Booking process is used to track new sales through a Technical Service Distributor (TSD) or through a direct relationship with the underlying carrier. This process will allow you to track your data to ensure your commissions are being paid as expected.  

Top menu >> Processes >> Booking 

In the Sales rep section, select the Agency and Agency rep sold the new service.

Select the Customer status. This is used to designate if the customer is new, existing or one that has previously disconnected a service. 

If the customer is one already existing in your RPM, you can select them from the Customer name drop down. If the Customer is new, you can click +Add to create them.

The +Add button will allow you to create a new customer in your RPM. Fill in the Customer name, and their contact/location details. Click Ok to save. 

Note: Only the Customer's name is mandatory. 

If the account being installed is already in your RPM, you can select it from the Account number drop-down menu. If it is a new account number, you can enter it by clicking +Add. If the account number has not been provided yet, you can leave this field blank and come back later to update it. 

The below section will be to enter the billing location information. 

In the Product details section, you will start by selecting the Order type. 

If the Technical Service Distributor (TSD) or Supplier provide a booking ID, you can enter the information in the Booking ID section,

Select the Underlying carrier, this is the carrier that is doing the actual install. Then select the Technical Service Distributor (TSD) the service has been sold through. 

Enter the product details of the service that was sold, including the Product sold, Number of free months of the service, and the Monthly expected revenue from the sale. 

The next fields cover the term. If the sale is a new contract select the length of the contract in the drop down for Initial term. If the sale is a renewal, select a period in the Renewal term drop down. 

For the Billing period, select how often the customer will be billed. For example, if they are billed monthly or annually for the service. 

The Key dates is where you can set your follow ups and reminders based on the date intervals entered here. Fill in the Booking date for the day the order was sent for the install to be booked. 

For the Contract effective date, enter the date the contract should be effective.


For Commission start date, enter when you estimate your first commission on this sale should start paying out.

For the Order refence section, this is to be used if you plan to tie the booking process into another process for tracking what has been booked. Click Ok to save your form.