A Bookings report is provided by a supplier or through a Technology Service Distributor (TSD) and lists new orders that have not yet been installed or changes to existing orders. A Booking process in RPM will allow you to track these new orders or changes and assist in reconciling your orders to those of the supplier or TSD. Orders and Bookings work together to track the data for the products sold and the residual expected monthly revenue.  

Forms in the Bookings process will be created through a process import because the source file is likely a spreadsheet. Please find more details on creating forms through import here.  The bookings spreadsheet can come from multiple sources and will have different column headers. It is advised to create and use an Excel macro to change column headers to match your fields in RPM per spreadsheet. This will allow for a consistent and easier import process and experience. If you are unfamiliar with macros, please see the Excel help section.   


Widgets can be a useful tool in the booking process.

The Process Breakdown widget allows you to see the revenue of the new bookings and bookings that have been cancelled. Click here for the guide to make this widget.

The Process Sum Widget to display the total of your new bookings revenue for the previous or current month. Click here for the guide to making this widget.

Or the Process Sum widget can be used to show a month-over-month revenue trend tracker.

Process Template 

Please find attached to this article an example of the Booking process. With this example, you can create it in your RPM through the process Import.