Please read THIS to help you navigate through the steps below.

Step 1Add Suppliers - If you have received commissions from a carrier not currently setup in your deployment. 

Step 2Add Transfers - If you see a warning on your transfer page. 

Step 3 - Add new Agencies & Reps - If you need to pay commissions to a new Agent and Rep. 

Step 4 - Create Pay Plans - Pay plans are the payout structures/scenarios you have with your agents. 

Step 5 - Assign Pay Plans

Step 6Prepare spreadsheets for import.

Step 7 -   Import Commission Data (or trash an import). 

Step 8 -   Transfer Commission Data.

Step 9 - Clear warnings:

Step 10 - Exceptions (to items):

Step 11Add Items Manually. 

Step 12Adjustments (any change to agent compensation). 

Step 13Calculate 

Step 14 - Agency Summary.

Step 15Download Agent Commission Summary

Step 16 - View Audit Reports

Step 17Deposits & Payments

Step 18Commission Reports - to see trending across agencies and suppliers graphically. 

Step 19Close run

Step 20Reopen run

Step 21Start the next run

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