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This guide is meant to assist in getting your RPM Telco Subscription up and running, if any steps are unclear please do not hesitate to email for assistance. 

Step 1 - Collect all commission data from your supplier(s) and/or master agent(s) you do business with in .xlsx format.

  • Using the instructions provided in the "Rules of Thumb", modify all commission data files so they can be successfully uploaded into RPM Telco. Click HERE for tutorial video.

Step 2 - Complete the Microsoft Excel Template titled "Import Agencies Excel Template" with all the Agencies you do business with (or any business/person you would like to pay commissions to).

  • For more information and an in detailed explanation of agencies. Click HERE

Step 3 - Complete the Microsoft Excel" Template titled "Import Reps Excel Template" with all the reps from your Agencies.

  • For more information and a in detailed explanation of agents. Click HERE

Step 4Setup Suppliers by logging on to your RPM Telco subscription and navigating to suppliers. Click HERE for video tutorial. 

Step 5 - If you do business with Master Agents that also use RPM Telco, you will need manager logon credentials from the master agent to set up a Commission Transfer. Click HERE for video tutorial. 

Step 6 - Populate the Import matrix, this is where column headers from your commission data are mapped to variables in RPM. Click HERE for video tutorial. 

Step 7 - Import Agencies with help of a spreadsheet template allowing you to mass import agencies. 

  •  To manually add agencies see instructions here. Click HERE for tutorial video. 

Step 8 - Import Reps with help of a spreadsheet template allowing you to mass import reps.

  • To manually add Reps see instructions here.

Step 9 - Import Commission Data. Click HERE for video tutorial. 

Step 10 - Transfer Commissions. Click HERE for  video tutorial. 

Step 11 -  Assign Assignment Codes to Reps. Click HERE for video tutorial. 

Step 12 - Create Commission group(s) - A commission group is a group of products that share commission rates.

Step 13 - Matching products to commission groups. Click HERE for video tutorial.

Step 14 - Create commission tiers.

Step 15 - Create Pay Plans - Pay plans are the payout structures/scenarios you have with your agents. Click HERE for video tutorial.

Step 16 - Assign Pay Plans. Click HERE for video tutorial.

Step 17 - Exceptions (to items):

  • Account group - used to apply a specific commission rule to an account. Click HERE for tutorial video.
  •  Referral          - used to pay more than 1 agent on the same account. 
  •  Split               - used to pay more than 1 agent on the same account.
  •  Addendum      - used to apply a specific commission rule to a product or account. 

Step 18 - Adding Staff User. Click HERE for a video tutorial. 

Step 19 Setting up Role

Step 20 - Enabling Agent users (for viewing commissions, customers, accounts etc..)

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